I’m a 33 year old woman with crippling depression, paralytic shyness and an utter lack of social filter.  This blog is the story of how I’m trying to put my inability to deal with daily life to interesting (or at least entertaining) use after I quit my job, sold all of my possessions, and began rambling around the country on my bicycle.

Basically I have no idea what the fuck I’m doing, but hey, my friends think it’s funny.

I don’t know where I’m going, either ultimately or, you know, tomorrow, but I plan to keep on until my money, my body, my bicycle or my interest gives out.  Happy to take wagers as to which it will be.

Despite my introversion, mild misanthropy and generally unfocused antipathy, I’m actually quite nice, and love hearing from and/or about all you guys who’ve stumbled upon this blog.  Drop me a line if you’re a fellow cyclist/transient/general fucking weirdo, or if you’re in my past wake or future trajectory, or just to say hi if you’re bored.  Pictures of puppies are also always, always welcome.

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