blue skye

SINCE I am one month and six days (not that I’m counting) from bouncing off to Colombia and onwards, perhaps I should actually finish photodumping the last of my European travels — Skye, Glasgow, Belfast, Derry/Londonderry,and Dublin. Now that it’s been like nine months since I was actually there.

Anyway, all in all, Skye is probably the one place over all others that I wish I’d spent more time; I think I was only there three nights/two full days. Which seemed like enough for such a relatively small place, but definitely was not. I wish I’d taken one of the day bus tours, which I’m generally not huge on, but definitely a much more efficient way to see the region, and I’m super sad I missed seeing the Fairy Pools and Fairy Glen, and only saw the Old Man of Storr and the Quiraing from the local buses. However the tours mostly only took cash, of which I had basically none after losing my debit card in Montenegro, and figured it wasn’t worth the hassle. Incorrectly.

I loved pretty much every place I’ve been in my wanderings, from Paris and Rome to like Kosovo and the coast of Africa, but Skye was… unsettling, like I suddenly sort of understood why the fae folk are so prevalent in Scottish folklore. It felt like I could almost, almost catch a glimpse of otherworldly goings-on just barely cloaked by the mists.

I did manage to get to Dunvegan Castle, which was breathtaking, although my Clan Fraser of Lovat ancestors would be rolling in their graves, since I didn’t go see the clan castle near Inverness. Photographs weren’t allowed inside the castle, since it’s still a family residence, but the grounds were absolutely stunning.


And Portree itself is lovely, as was the train journey from Inverness to Kyle of Lochalch, as well as the bus from there to Portree. I stayed at the Portree Independent Hostel, which was inexpensive, super comfortable and close to the bus station, and generally great. Since I was there for so short of a time, I mostly was outside of town, but the chilly grey mist is so up my alley. I think I’m too much of a city rat to handle having to go an hour outside of town for most things beyond a grocery store, but like, I might try.


And yeah, the rest of my sightseeing was mostly from a round-trip local bus along the coast, so the photos are pretty worthless, but hey, sheep are always good for a smile.


Man, looking over these pictures has really upped the ante on the wanderlust itch, and I am so, so, so happy to have a one-way plane ticket to somewhere Anywhere But Here.

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