GISHWHES, year four

‘kay my dudes, I am still stuck in this blistering hellscape (until next week, whereupon I shall escape to the slightly less blistering hellscape of North Carolina for a bit!), but since this is a travel blog, I’m putting out some travel feelers here.

So, I do this ridiculous scavenger hunt every year — GISHWHES, or the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen — I have been doing it with the same team, which some changes in roster, since 2014, aka That Time I Got a Tattoo of The Pope for Fourteen Total Strangers on the Internet.


Which leads to some awkward conversations, as I’m atheist, but I do like the guy.

Since then, these assholes have become an important part of my life, and an important factor in my travels, between a place to crash in NYC, cats to sit in Seattle, a trip to Vancouver in which I may never have laughed that hard ever, also more cats in Northern Ireland and a guide — and most importantly, people all the fuck over who I think will be my friends forever.

This year, thanks to a combination of things, I am pretty much useless — paralytic depression, in a place I hate, with little to no artistic/technical skills, no confidence, and no photographer on hand doesn’t really work well with this thing. But one thing I do have is connections in some pretty far-flung places.

SOOOO, basically, do I know anyone — or do you know anyone — in any one of these places, for some simple and silly fun? I’m looking for someone in Grenada, Malta, the Maldives, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Tuvalu, Nauro, Monaco, or Vatican City. And also the Gereja Ayam, the abandoned chicken church in Magelang, Indonesia.

These just involve “forced perspective photo of something very small that makes that object look huge in front of a famous public landmark or historical site in that country” in any one of the first group of places, and doing something “fitting” at the Gereja Ayam, examples given like a game of duck-duck-goose, or “pondering the question of the chicken or the egg” — or, hell, just holding a rubber chicken.

There are also location-based things in Zadar, Croatia or San Francisco; London; Foshan, China; Duisberg, Germany; Ghent, Belgium; Budapest; Cat Island in Japan; or Prague — but these ones all involve a fair amount of costumes/teamwork/artistry or just plain balls/confidence/lack of shame, they’re a substantially bigger task than the others. If you are or know a super-ballsy creative type there, hell yeah — but the other items above are pretty straightforward.

If you’ve been following this shitshow of a blog for a while, you might remember some of the very classy snapshots of my life during this time of year (and you can read about 2015 here; I don’t think I blogged 2014 or 2016



114 -- cat o

144 - regression - before144 - regression - after


23 - corn husk bikinitumblr_nsvt9errer1tj904to1_1280

So yeah. This is the last year this thing is going to be happening, it seems, so if you are in any of those or know someone who might be willing, let me know. ❤

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