Ah, Copenhagen — kind of the beginning of the end in a way, before I hopped back to the UK. And the last time I was able to call myself a suitcase-owner.

Given that it was, you know, Scandinavia, and my savings were dropping into oh shit oh shit territory, instead of merely alarming, I didn’t stay long or do much.

Or eat, like, at all. I stayed at the Generator Copenhagen hostel, which like, Generators generally have a deservedly good reputation (I think I stayed at one in Venice and Dublin), but the one major irksome downside is they never have kitchens, or even a refrigerator, presumably to funnel people into their onsite restaurant/bar. Which, fair, but rubs me the wrong way. And I was only there two nights, which on top of being as fresh out of fucks to give as I was money, was just kinda like well a slice of bread will do.

I did wander through the Botanical Gardens — because yay, free, and also very cool, and dropped like $12 on a boat tour of the canals. Also cool, but kind of shit pictures, being, you know on a boat.

Which broke down halfway through, which was quite exciting.

I think things and places start to seriously blend together at this point in my wanderings, especially as it’s been two months now, but here, have some pictures.


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