catch-up // kiev

Man, I really thought I had more photos from Kiev, since I was there for three or four days, but I guess I am a lazy asshole, as always.

I got to go to Eurovision, though! A dress rehearsal, anyway, since that was only like 17 USD. I had never actually seen the show at all, aside from a couple famous clips, so I didn’t really know what to expect, and didn’t really know what was going on, but it was a lot of fun. Even the dress rehearsal was fucking packed.

I was vaguely aware of the incredibly awesome cheese-level, thanks to the show, but wow, I was not prepared.

Aside from that, as usual, since my savings were wearing pretty thin by this point, I just wandered around the city, trying not to spend any money I didn’t have to. An exception was made for buying a new suitcase, as the roads of Plovdiv literally destroyed the wheels on my old one, and that was kind of important.

And then I had it for all of like three weeks, until I left it in the Manchester airport on the worst day possible and never got it back, and discovered that, well, I guess I don’t need a suitcase after all.

So, yeah, Kiev. It’s one of those cities that to me exists at that sweet spot between old, old, astonishing history, and different from the major Western European capitals, but also a major metropolitan city in itself. I wish I’d made it to the Арсенальна subway station, one of the deepest in the world (possibly the deepest?), because jesus, at 305 feet it’s over three times as deep as Porter Square in Boston, which already always gave me a little bit of vertigo looking down.

It’s an odd city — as, I suppose, are most cities — but I kind of loved it. Also, really fucking pretty.


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