i can’t find my way home

Well, although I was almost caught up on blogs/photodumps for about a day, that day was about a month ago, and here we still are.

I am in Dublin now, the last city and country of this six-week-turned-eight-month vagabondry. Thursday I fly from Dublin to Boston for a long weekend or so, then spend four nights in NYC with my mom, and then back to Florida, trying to figure out how to replenish my bank accounts quickly enough to run away again before losing my mind entirely.

Final count of this “oh, I just want to see Scandinavia, meet a friend in Poland, visit Paris again, maybe Prague and Amsterdam” ended up three continents (ISTANBUL COUNTS FOR ASIA OKAY), 40 countries, and something like 63 cities/individual places (none of which ended up being Amsterdam after all).

  1. USA (Daytona Beach, Boston, NYC)
  2. Canada (Montreal)
  3. Iceland (Reykjavik)
  4. Poland (Krakow, Warsaw)
  5. England (London, Manchester, York, Scarborough)
  6. Norway (Oslo)
  7. Finland (Helsinki)
  8. Estonia (Tallinn)
  9. Latvia (Riga)
  10. Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas)
  11. Czech Republic (Prague)
  12. Slovakia (Bratislava)
  13. Croatia (Zagreb, Dubrovnik)
  14. Slovenia (Ljubljana)
  15. Italy (Venice, Rome)
  16. Morocco (Marrakech, Essouira)
  17. Spain (Barcelona)
  18. France (Marseilles, Paris)
  19. Belgium (Bruges, Vaalserberg)
  20. Austria (Vienna[ish])
  21. Germany (Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf/Hamm/Bokum, Aachen/Vaalserberg)
  22. Netherlands (Vaalserberg)
  23. Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad)
  24. Romania (Timisoura, Bucharest)
  25. Bosnia & Herzogovina (Sarajevo, Mostar)
  26. Montenegro (Kotor, Ulcinj)
  27. Albania (Shkoder, Tirana)
  28. Kosovo (Prizren)
  29. Macedonia (Skopje)
  30. Bulgaria (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna)
  31. Turkey (Istanbul)
  32. Moldova (Chisinau)
  33. Ukraine (Odessa, Kiev)
  34. Hungary (Budapest)
  35. Sweden (Gothenburg)
  36. Denmark (Copenhagen)
  37. Wales (Cardiff, Hay on Wye)
  38. Scotland (Inverness, Portree, Glasgow)
  39. Northern Ireland (Belfast, Derry)
  40. Republic of Ireland (Dublin)

… I think.

There have been many highlights (Eurovision in Kiev; Eddie Izzard, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry and Chris Riddell in Wales; hot baths in Budapest and Reykjavik, NYE in Bratislava in which I was totally not asleep for the fireworks over the Danube) and a few not-so-highlights (of which coming to Manchester on 22 May basically negates every other mildly bad thing that happened).

But as always, it is the friends that I finally met after years and the new ones I made that made all this ridiculousness worth it, more so than any astonishing castles and cathedrals and mountain and views and anything. I like to kind of catalog this kind of thing, because my fucked-up brain always likes to helpfully detail how lonely and alone I am, and how hard it is for me to meet people and make friends, and sometimes it is perversely satisfying to tell my own brain to fuck off because it’s lying. I think.

So-o-o-ooo, if nothing else, once I’m back in one place, hopefully I can actually catch up on the blog, and also maybe settle down enough to write for real a bit. And in the meantime:

Question 1: how to make another few grand asap, and

Question 2: where do I go next?


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