Varna // sick-sabbatical

This is pretty much my entire takeaway from Varna, Bulgaria: a massive bruise that resulted only from my purse banging against my knee as I wandered lost, sick and despairing in the pre-dawn; a creepy-ass cologne ad in the drugstore; some pretty fountains; porno.

Which is not the city’s fault at all, really. I was still so sick I actually considered — gasp — seeing a doctor, since I (think I?) have travel insurance, but didn’t, of course. The last decade of my medical history is basically just like, I don’t have any STDs and my liver is already side-eyeing me. So, one for two, I guess.

But yeah, I got into town on the bus from Istanbul at fuck-all o’clock in the morning, and my phone hates Google Maps so I pretty much spent two hours asking random people on the street for help, slowly circling closer to the hostel.

There was a great dog at the hostel, and it illustrates how sick I was that I did not take even one single picture of the dog. I got a private room for once, to avoid inflicting plague on roommates, and pretty much slept all day and left in the morning.

Sorry, Varna; I could not give you a chance.



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2 Responses to Varna // sick-sabbatical

  1. risabuzatova says:

    Pity you couldn’t enjoy Varna. I’m sure that you could walk into any pharmacy and the pharmacist would be able to advise you, but not sure if that could be done in English. Hope you’re able to return to Bulgaria once you’re in good health.


    • intercat5 says:

      I did manage to get some cold meds from a pharmacy, though a combination of English and very broken Russian! 😀 I do hope to come back to Varna — I absolutely LOVED Plovdiv, and am sad Varna was kind of a bust, through no fault of its own. Someday!


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