Софья в снегу // sofia in the snow

Yes, I Google-translated that. Obviously. But at least my toddler-level Russian has helped me out in both Bulgaria and Ukraine so far.

So yeah, it was warm in Skopje when I left, like jeans and tank top weather. And it snowed in Sofia. Twice.


I am a weather god.

It was very clearly spring, though, and I love juxtapositions like that — the green and the bright flowers under the falling snow; it’s part of the reason why I loved the change of seasons in Milwaukee.

My hostel was a bit out of the way, though, and Sofia was where the death-plague that’s haunted me through four countries and two continents took root, so I really only spent one day wandering around very much downtown, and this is basically just a photodump.

But like. You walk out of the central fucking metro station and it’s like oh, here, have some ruins of 4th century baths right outside, nbd.

Also, Bulgaria in general really loves its fountains.

17991825_10102202465767757_8516686504858586027_n18033181_10102202465732827_1362874584549540417_n18033202_10102202465942407_1592489171549247924_n18033808_10102202465867557_6732648141167377981_n18033847_10102202466127037_1017808171122279834_n18034036_10102202466082127_3118802641616231014_n (2)18034077_10102202465797697_6957637887277324297_n18057120_10102202466161967_5579967794455449358_n18057138_10102202466037217_5479604292205945339_nExif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420Exif_JPEG_420

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