albania: shkoder & tirana // i forgot to photograph tirana

Wait, no, I did not forget to photograph Tirana. I left my camera in Tirana, and with it, all my photographs. Sigh.

I’m in Bulgaria now, traveling from Sofia to Plovdiv tomorrow and then heading to Istanbul, and I might try to see if I can find an inexpensive point-and-shoot, because like, Istanbul, I don’t want my only photos to be from this godawful replacement phone. We’ll see.

Anyway, Albania was interesting, and fairly different than most places I’ve been. I mean, not really, but I think it only opened its borders in the mid-’90s, and it’s still got a bit of an insular feel. But a lot of travel/tourism websites and blogs talk about how Albania is going to be the next big destination, and I definitely got that impression. Especially in Shkoder, moreso than Tirana.

To be fair to Tirana, I managed to throw my back out really badly when I was there, because I’m apparently like 90 years old. It’s been nearly two weeks, and I still can barely touch my toes, or crack my lower spine, which normally I have to do like every ten minutes, so that’s great fun.

Also, the street dogs of Albania are a lot sadder than the street kitties of Croatia and Montenegro. They don’t appear to be starving or abused or even particularly dirty, but just — lonely. I want to pet them all.


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