Isn’t that the sexiest placename? Dubrovnik? Maybe that’s just me.

I wasn’t actually going to go to Dubrovnik, since I’ve been to Zagreb a few times, and have yet to get into Game of Thrones (the TV show at least, I have read the books [she says annoyingly]), but as I’d have to transfer there anyway on the way from Mostar to Kotor, Montenegro, it seemed silly not to.

And it is breathtakingly beautiful, but it also seems like the kind of place that’s more fun to actually plan a vacation to, instead of just happen to wander into. I feel more at home in slightly less tourist hotspots, which I am fully aware makes me sound like a douchebag, but you get used to things, and it’s jarring to suddenly hearing more American voices than you’ve heard since NYC. Also, expensive, when you’ve gotten spoiled by the rest of central/eastern Europe.

That said, holy shit, it is gorgeous.

I didn’t do the city walls, because it was like 20 euro just for the entrance, and it’s not like there’s a dearth of other beautiful views and amazing photo ops in the city. I loved picking my way along the half-crumbled concrete outside the city walls adjacent to the sea, and climbing up and down the labyrinthine alley stairs to peek into the cafes and shops and hotels tucked inside of them.

And also, again, some particularly excellent cats.



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