Bosnia // Sarajevo & Mostar


So, after my phone getting stolen in Belgrade, and losing my debit card and being slightly terrified in Ulcinj, on Monday I threw my back out badly in Tirana (because I am like 90 years old here), leaving my unable to get out of bed or leave when I intended, and then because my back’s still fucked, a simple stubbed toe in Prizren resulted in me pitching forward because my back muscles don’t work right yet, ripping the skin off my toe so badly that I can’t put a shoe on and my hostel room floor is still covered with smears of blood, and bruising my other foot and both knees.

Oh, and I left my camera in Albania. Awesome.

I mean, I’m nearing six months of nonstop travel, with shockingly few hiccups; they’re just all happening at once now. As happens. Shit, I thought I lost my wallet today, and looked everywhere for it, and had just about resigned myself to a fuck-it-I’m-fucking-going-home mindset when I unearthed it. So, I’ve still got my passport, a sort-of phone, laptop, and wallet. I’ll manage. Even if I can’t fucking sit stand or walk without whimpering pathetically a little.

Anyway, I finally limped down to a pharmacy and got some painkillers and disinfectant and bandaids, so hopefully I’ll be human enough to wander Prizren a bit more tomorrow before leaving for Macedonia Saturday. And hey, this forced sedentariness means I can catch up on this blog more, right?



Just be glad I’m sparing you the gross picture of my toe I shared on Facebook because apparently I hate keeping friends.

Anyway, after I finally said my goodbyes to Belgrade, and the only semblance of stability I’ve had since October, I hopped on a bus to Sarajevo. Immediately got lost, because I had no phone service so no Google maps, and got pretty screwed on cab fare because I couldn’t find the bus, but so it goes.

I spent a lot of the time in Sarajevo just curled up in the hostel common room (Hostel Ljubicica), catching up on work, chatting with new friends, and just kind of getting used to being a wanderer again. So not really very much of  interest to relate. From there I went to Mostar for a couple days, just because a ton of people were like oh, you have to go to Mostar — I’m like, what the fuck is Mostar?? — but they were right, it’s so beautiful.

And my hostel (Backpackers Mostar) was under renovation, so they gave me a free upgrade to a private room. With like… actual beds, minus bunk. Usually I prefer dorms, being an introvert who has difficulty meeting people, but oh, it was nice. There’s not much to do there, but it’s definitely worth spending a day just wandering around the old bridges and buildings. Also, cats.

I forgot to sort my photos between Sarajevo and Mostar, but whatever, they were both cool.

All right, only have Dubrovnik, Kotor, Ulcinj, Shkoder, Tirana, and Prizen and I’ll be more or less caught up! … Yeah.



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