Deutschland day two (and Belgium, and Netherlands…)

Christ, it has been a long fucking week! And as such, my heartfelt goals of getting caught up on the blog have not come to fruition. Spent a couple days in Kotor, Montenegro, and then down to Ulcinj, where first night there I was yanked into a random bar by a policeman and interrogated (I guess?) by him and some other dudes. I have no idea what any of them were saying, and eventually they just bought me a glass or two of wine and I left, but mildly traumatizing.

And my debit card got lost/stolen.  As much as it seems likely it was stolen, given the weird coincidence of it disappearing the same night that happened, I’m leaning towards lost, since my credit card, passport, and cash were all intact, and I was a tad frazzled, to put it lightly.

Anyway, I got it worked out (theoretically), and I think I have enough cash to manage ’til bank sends new card to my parents and they send it to me once I’m somewhere for like a week, probably Bulgaria or Bucharest. And my hostel was really great (Hostel Pirate — hi Dijana!) so I had a nice place to get my shit generally together for a few days before moving on. And now I’m in Albania.

So, back to Germany! And Belgium, and the Netherlands…

Thursday, after we all slept in and dragged ourselves out of bed totally not hungover or anything (actually, I think we were pretty okay, especially after another of Andy’s amazing breakfasts), we piled back into the car and headed to Aachen, which shares its border with Belgium and the Netherlands at Vaalserberg. Which what the fuck, how come the near-six foot tall girl with joint issues got to sit bitch the whole way? But man, I felt so close to y’all.

I don’t actually have that a lot of pictures — okay, well, I do, but I suspect endless photographs of the group of us being dorks isn’t as infinitely entertaining to everyone as it is to me. Also my camera battery died, so most pictures again courtesy of Andy.




(Not pictured: Germany side)

It’s still pretty funny, though, so here, have a few.


We are, as you see, extremely classy individuals.

It was really neat, though. It was my first time in the Netherlands — and I know this is lame, but since I can check it off my list, I might skip Amsterdam, just for money reasons. What the fuck ever, I’m poor as shit. And the scenery was beautiful!


(Not pictured: DOGS! Especially a white German Shepherd I fell in love with from afar.)

And then here we have Chris just calmly chilling like a supermodel while the rest of us are fucking dumbass jackballs in the background.



I love these, though. It’s such an utterly, bizarrely random set of circumstances that led us all to be dancing (literally — don’t just) around the corner of Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands on a Thursday afternoon in March, because we happened to end up in the same hostel in Morocco in January.


It was a good day. 🙂

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