Deutschland day one

So I’m in Montenegro now, and as always days/weeks/countries behind updating.

But last week — holy shit, was it really just last week? — I did in fact go to Germany to see my friends from Morocco, and it was awesome.

I was a little apprehensive, honestly, because like I know it’s not uncommon — and has happened to me — where like, you form these immediate friendships based on being in a randomly place haphazardly thrown together, and you meet up again and you don’t really have much to say to each other in a different context. Plus I sort of invited myself along, which of course I second-guessed forever.

But it was a great few days, aside from the stomach-pain from laughing, and I made a great new friend, and am very glad I shut down the crippling anxiety enough to go.

Most of these pictures are courtesy of Andy, our host on whose home we converged near Dusseldorf, because he’s a way better photographer than me but IN MY DEFENSE my camera was borked and I’d just got a new terrible phone to replace the one stolen in Belgrade. I’ve been playing around with filters for fun, so any stupid filters are my fault, not his.

Wednesday-last we went to Cologne, after picking aforementioned awesome new friend, and just kind of fucked off around the city for awhile, and went up cathedral tower.

Five hundred and nine steps up, to be exact. To be categorized under “regrettable but worth it” decisions. Especially when coupled with my nascent but developing fear of heights. But we made it! — even if I was wheezing my way up like ten minutes after everyone else. Fuck you, I made it.

And then we decided to skip Aachen/the three points (Germany/Belgium/Netherlands) for the day so we could make the Moritz Friege brewery tour in Bochum, which was very cool, especially the free beer hour following it. Which we might have taken advantage of.  A little bit. We were happy.

So this is more photos of people than things, because it was just so good to be around real people again, instead of half-day friendships.

Also not ashamed to brag about having really good-looking friends all around. 😀

Perhaps I will finish Germany updates in the next million years and catch up someday!



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