goodbye beograd

So, my phone got stolen the other day while I was getting a tattoo priced and was distracted by a dog. Which sucks, but it’s also so me that like I almost, almost can’t be mad. And my phone, thank fuck, was still insured, so I can replace it — but they’ll only ship to the US. And my cloud storage has been full for ages, so I lost a ton of pictures 😦

Anyway on Tuesday I’m bouncing off to Germany to hang out with my friends I met in Morocco, which is pretty fucking cool. And I got a cheap replacement phone on Amazon shipped there, so I should be connected again on Tuesday. All things considered, my four must-haves are my laptop, phone, passport and wallet, and my phone is definitely the least of those.

Not to mention I shattered the screen a couple weeks ago, and it was still functional, but hey, good timing. Assholes.

Then Sarajevo next weekend, then Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bucharest — am still undecided about Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus; I might just go to Hungary and then the UK and Ireland, and then back to the US, to meet up with my mom in Manhattan for a couple days. 🙂 I sort of surprised myself at how upset I was that I couldn’t talk to her without a phone, since I’ve been calling basically every night via Facetime. But then we figured out how to do voice and video over Facebook messenger and it’s all good.

It’s so strange how unfazed I am by this. Like, I get almost sick with anxiety just going to a fucking restaurant. But phone stolen in the middle of Serbia, while I’m about to fly to Germany? Just like… *shrug*

Brains are weird.

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