in bruges

I accidentally ended up in Bruges during the weekend of the Bruges Beer Festival, because of course I did. Which meant the hostel I stayed in, despite being out of city center, was fucking bananas. Which, honestly, I don’t mind — I’m the creaky old interloper here amidst the 19 year olds on break — and despite being a giant curmudgeon, I secretly really enjoy watching people just having fun, even if I’m only observing. And I even made some one-night friends.

I did not, however, actually go to the beer fest. Even though I love Belgian beer.

Or, well, I totally did go to the beer fest, but just did not participate. Like, that was levels of crowded that I can barely tolerate in places where I live, speak the language, and know what the fuck I’m doing, ever. But it was cool to see.

And anyway, the hostel had a bar with like 60+ beers anyway, and based on idle conversation, I was definitely not the only one who was just like eh, fuck it, and just drank at the hostel instead.

And I met up with a friend I made in Paris, because honestly there’s something smugly sophisticated-feeling about a conversation, like, “Oh, you’re in Bruges, aren’t you? I’m on my way there, let’s get a beer!”

And then having beer(s), in Bruges, with your Australian friend that you met in Paris. *flips hair*

Unfortunately, the friends I make are generally pretty awesome, and so I lost track of time chatting and missed my train back to Brussels and on to Munich. Whoops.

(I think I made my connecting bus anyway, so not a big deal, but things blend together at this point.)

And in big travel news of the day — tomorrow I get my very own room here at my hostel in Belgrade! It’s been near 20 weeks since I’ve had, like, a room with a door and a lock, alone. And then tomorrow I’m going to Novi Sad anyway, but at least when I get back I can shut the fucking door.

Anyway here have some pictures of Bruges. I’m catching up slowly. ❤


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