out of order, out of time // marseille & aix-en-provence

Yeah, I’ve got no excuses. I’ve been in Belgrade 2 1/2 weeks, with a brief hop to Romania, and still not caught up. I might get my own room in the next day or so, though, which would be amazing.

So here, have some completely disorganized pictures of my brief sojourn to Marseille and Aix.

One of these days, I swear, you guys, I’ll catch up.

I’m probably lying.

Serbia is pretty neat, though, even though the highlight of my day today was scrubbing a hostel shower from the inside, standing up, knocking my elbow against the shower handle and turning it on full force. I shrieked so loud my coworker came running from across the hall, so that was not at all embarrassing.


Right. Pictures. Only like… a month late. ❤


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