As always I am way behind on updates — dear god like I haven’t even put up Barcelona pix I don’t think — but in my defense I’ve been busy moving to Serbia for a month(ish), which I now have done. Belgrade is beautiful and my hostel is really beautiful, my coworkers are great and so far (after one day) the work is fine. I have a weirdo dormmate (who my coworkers — the ones who actually work here — will deal with if I ask them to) and my other dormmates are cool. Still not sure how my life as equal parts wanderlust and paralytic depression got me here, but HERE WE ARE.

But this is a pretty cool view from my front steps.


I think I’m going to go to maybe Montenegro or Sarajevo or Macedonia on my first handful of days off (or maybe second) but I still haven’t really explored Belgrade. But I’m here.

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