roma part II // vatican city

After Tuesday’s sightseeing extravaganza, my toe/feet in general hurt too bad to particularly want to do a Colosseum or Forum tour like I’d intended, which sucks, but at least on Wednesday I did make it to Vatican City. I did not go into the Sistine Chapel, which I should have, but I just did not have quite enough interest in seeing it firsthand to warrant waiting in line for god knows how long.

And my visit was also abbreviated because apparently, agreeing to take some random dude’s picture was an invitation for him to shadow me awkwardly around St. Peter’s Square and its environs, until I was finally just like uh, look, dude, I uh… am gonna go back to the hostel now.

Which technically, I suppose, is the second time some random dude being weird actually made me leave a country prematurely. Good job, dudes.

Not that I was going to  stay that much longer, but definitely resented not be able to just wander around at will. But I have yet to figure out a way to say, like, “hey, could you like… not walk with me?”

So, here, have some Vatican City photos!


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