lovely ljubljana

Lovely, cold, cold Ljubljana.

It’s weird, Ljubljana and Zagreb really weren’t much colder than most of Eastern Europe, and nowhere in the same fucking ballpark as the shit I used to bike through in Milwaukee, but the wind somehow was just so brutal. My hostel was about a 20-minute walk from the city center, which was a really nice path through a bunch of parks and gardens, except by the time I got there, my hands were too numb to take pictures.

Also, I kinda think the hostel was trying a tiny bit too hard to be cool with the internet memes…

But it was mostly cute.

So I ended up holing up in the room a lot, or just doing short ventures out, but Thursday it finally warmed up a bit — as in, it was hovering at just about freezing, so cold, but not “I genuinely cannot feel extremities” cold, and actually sunny. I didn’t do the free walking tour, because (a) 11am is apparently a wholly unreasonable hour for me to do things, but also (b) with my borked ankles and shit back, I hesitate to commit to a 2+ hour walking tour.

Instead I just wandered through the gardens and ambled through the narrow pedestrian streets, through the university and along the river.


And then after a lot of missteps, finally found my way to the base of Ljubljana Castle. I took about one look at the stairs to the top, noped the fuck out, and boughtt a 2€ cable car ticket. Which, like, there’s something fun about that anyway.


The castle itself was weird. Not bad weird, but usually the castles have a lot of signs and information and general activity, and it was very stark. Probably because it was mostly open-air, so again, cold — I had to take a break and find a bathroom to un-numb my hands with hot water once — but it kind of added to the whole thing.


The views from the top were amazing. Per the advice of my hostel dude, I didn’t pay the extra whatever to go up the watchtower, but just wandered around the castle and grounds to look out over the city, which jesus christ.


And I mean, the grounds themselves were pretty sexy in and of themselves, to be fair — as I picked my way slowly down and amazingly did NOT trip and sprain something.


I’m sure there’s some repeat pictures in there, sorry and such.

So I am in Venice now, and so, for once, only ONE city behind!

And despite all the touristyness, Venice definitely more than lives up to its reputation for beauty, like holy shit. So more pictures incoming.

And Marrakesh on Thursday what the fuck is life.

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