and why am I in this handbasket?

I’m applying to a bunch of random work-stay type jobs in random places, but if none of them pan out, it’s probably about time to start thinking about winding up this particular vagabond session. I’m trying to think of the places I really want to go still on my list, and the ones that come first to mind would go, like… Venice, Rome, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Inverness/Isle of Skye, maybe Edinburgh, maybe Dublin. Then fly back to New York or Boston, fuck around there for however long, and train back to Florida, save more money, and go to Thailand.

But then of course I’m looking at maps and I’m like, well, I’ve been to Paris twice already, I really should see more of the country; I’d love to go to Aix-en Provence/Marseilles, back to Brest or maybe Bordeaux…

And then I’m like well, shit, if I go to the south of France, it seems silly to not pop over to Spain and Portugal, if for no other reason than to check those off my list…

And then of course I’m like, jeez, if I’m in Portugal or Spain, I could totally just hop over to Marrakesh or something and declare that I have totally been to Africa…

Traveling is hard, but stopping traveling is infinitely  harder.


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