five nights in bratislava [photodump]

Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as One Night in Bangkok, but here we are. And since I just left Zagreb, Croatia today and am now in Ljubljana, Slovenia, I should probably try to catch up a little bit.

I fell asleep at like 10pm on New Years Eve, which honestly I’m mostly okay with it, though with a twinge of regret, but I’m not sure when I’ll have another chance to spend New Years watching fireworks over the Danube. Who knows, though.who-knows.gif

Then on New Year’s Day I managed to break an ornament in a gift shop, got flustered, and immediately tripped over a display on the floor, knocking that over too, twisting my ankle, bruising my knee and skinning my knuckle.

Which is bad enough, and yet was only the first of three times I tripped on something and busted ass in all of four days. Once at Bratislava Castle, which is slightly excusable as I was looking at, you know, the castle, not the uneven ground. And once on the bus out of Bratislava because I forget the very back seat is elevated and also am an idiot.

So I didn’t do a lot of meandering or sightseeing, but I did make it to the castle at least, which is basically the only photos I got.


And I did at least manage to find a bit of a sunny day to wander along the Danube en route to and from the castle.


Hopefully tomorrow I will get Zagreb pictures sorted (or, at least, photodumped). It is so cold I had to run my hands under hot water for a good several minutes to get feeling back after I walked from the bus station, so tonight I am going to be huddle in my little bunk bed cave and watching Sherlock.



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