brief prague redux

I am back in Prague for a hot minute. Kind of pointlessly, since I got here today after ~20 hours in transit, including three flights, a bus, and a subway (and no sleep), and I leave for Slovakia on Friday. But it was just way cheaper/easier to do a RT trip instead of one way back to the States from here and then one way from there to somewhere else back. And my hostel is right downtown, unlike the last one (which was perfectly fine, just a hike from downtown/Old Town), so hopefully tomorrow I can at least go see Prague Castle and the Charles bridge. And tonight I wandered a bit around downtown in search of food and toothpaste, because obviously, and very nearly sprained my ankle for the 239502305th time (9832954409852458th time if you’re counting both ankles), so ate, came back, and slept for a few hours.

And showered. Showering was glorious. I was sorely tempted to throw out the clothes I was wearing on the plane just because I felt so gross, but then I remembered (a) I do not have that many clothes, and (b) laundry is a thing.



Hopefully I can go back to sleep at a reasonable hours (yeah, I know, good luck with that) and actually get some daylight wandering in.

But I had a lovely time in New Orleans/Mississippi with my family. First time I’ve really ever got to spend some quality time with my brand-new sister without wedding chaos going on, met up with a dear friend from the wild wild internets for lunch in the French Quarter, snuggled with a really sweet little dog, and ate some great food. And slept alone in a room with a door that I could close and lock and that was a novelty. It was a brutal like 35+ hours on a plane in less than a week, but worth it.

Also please send some good thoughts to my beloved kitty who is stuck in the hospital getting force-fed alone over the holidays, which kind of breaks my heart. He’s getting better but still in the hospital and I swear to god if 2016 takes him from me as a last blow to this clusterfuck year I am going to have words. With… someone.



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