I am in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the Home Made House hostel! It’s a lot smaller — actually, well, a house — which has ups and downs. There’s actually people around, which is kind of nice. One of my dormmates is an Aussie girl who’s been backpacking/working for like four years, so she understands the need to not be on all the time, and unashamedly spend days/nights in bed binge-watching Game of Thrones (her), or reading fanfic and playing video games (me), and have agreed to enable each other’s inner sloth sans judgment. Though, like, many of the reviews are like, “it’s great, like being a guest in someone’s home!” and I’m like… wait, I don’t like being a guest in someone’s home.

But it’s nice. The bed is quite comfortable, and it’s like right in the Old City, which is amazing. I’ve only explored a little bit last night, as it was dark and like snowdrizzling, but man — wandering around Eastern Europe in December might not be the warmest thing to do, but goddamn is it pretty.

Although the first thing I saw in Vilnius was three cops crouching over a man in front of the bus station who was either dead or passed out very hard, and it kinda looked like the former. :/

I’m afraid I’m starting to get tired. Not like the “ugh, I just got off the bus from Latvia, man I’m tired,” but the bone-deep, settled in the bones tired. I mean, I am thirty-five years old, and kinda living like a bright-eyed twenty-year-old (though I’m not sure if I was ever bright-eyed), and it wears on you. Taking a longer stay in each place — each cheap place, anyway — definitely helps, but I’m dragging. Hopefully that’s just a result of this lingering cold (barely even, just sniffly, but annoying) and normal garden-variety tiredness, and a day wandering through a new city instead of working or on a bus will help.

Still not sure where to visit, though! Or where to go from here, for that matter. Leaning towards Warsaw, but seven hours on a bus (even a comfortable, generally empty bus with astonishingly good WiFi is kinda right on that line of fuck it, yeah, it’s worth it for 16 Euro and fuck that noise. And Warsaw to Berlin would be nine hours.

Also, I kinda wanna spend a little time in more out-of-the way places, not that the capitals aren’t amazing, but decisions, man, they’re a bitch.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some good picture of Vilnius!

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