Been in Latvia since Monday and I am still alone in my ten-bed dorm. Which would be slightly more fun if it weren’t on the fifth floor, with no elevator, but it’s still nice.

I don’t love Riga like I loved Tallinn; the Old Town has a bit more touristy/contrived feel, but it’s still super pretty. And it’s snowed on and off like the whole time, which I never don’t love. I’m going to go to Lithuania either Saturday or, like, Monday or something, probably the latter, since I have shitloads of work to do, and it’s kinda easier to work when you’re not spending a whole day basically in transit.

And I am flying from Prague to New Orleans on Dec 22 to see my family! And then back to Prague on the 27th. I mean, Prague seems like a cool place to spend NYE alone?

Anyway, here’s some pictures of Riga in the snow.


There’s a little bit of a Narnia vibe to the park.

Currently in the basement with another dude on his laptop with whom I’ve exchanged zero words over the last few hours but who has good taste in electronic music, but the EDM show on the TV is fucking weird. It’s all like white people in sunglasses at night swaying awkwardly in really weird clothes while the DJ (also in sunglasses) looks very important and claps once in awhile. And everything smells like ketchup but that’s my own fault.

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