Off to Latvia

I am going to Riga, Latvia in the morning. I think I stayed in Tallinn about a day or two longer than I should have, but I also came here a day longer than I meant to because creepy Finland experience, and I’ve also been a little bit sick, a lot exhausted, and working a fair bit.

I love it here.

After Latvia, then Lithuania, and then I need to figure out the cheapest way to fly to New Orleans. My parents are paying for my plane ticket so I can spend Christmas with them and my brother and sister in law, but still, trying to keep that cost reasonable.

Maybe from Prague? From Paris? Jesus, I don’t know. And then where to spend New Year’s Eve?

And I’m not working a ton right now but my work client still likes me so that also is good.

It’s been a weird few weeks.

It snowed on me today, and a super pretty waitress told me I was pretty, so that was a nice ending to my time here in Estonia. 🙂

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