I have no songs to quote about Estonia but here I am

Hi, I’m in Estonia! Tallinn, which wiki describes as one of the oldest capitals of Northern Europe.

I took the ferry over from Helsinki, which was a brief nightmare to get the ferry terminal until I gave up and called an Uber for like 12 euro and curled up looking out at the Bay of Finland (which was mostly reflections from inside the ship) and using the pretty passable wifi to pass the time.


I love Estonia already. I can’t quite tell you why: maybe because I look at it and my mom would love it; maybe it’s just because it’s different.

My hostel (Fat Margaret) is pretty sweet — seven days for like 60 euros; my room is HUUUGE (six bed dorm, with lockers and giant-ass windows and a writing desk). Only downside is the common area is in the basement so I can’t make FaceTime calls to mom, but the wifi works well enough.

On the advice of staff I went to a pub and got, um, bread with cucumber sauce, and bread with ham and mushrooms and cheese. I hate ham so I only had a few bites before I started gagging, but those few bites were actually really good, and the bread and mushrooms were amazing, and as a whole, oh my shit, exactly what I wanted. (Hell Hunt Estonia)


13 and change euro including delicious Belgian beer, and even picking at it, could not finish half of it.

I am happy again, briefly, in that lost kind of way.


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