I slept ’til like 2:30 PM, again. Which is mostly problematic because it’s dark by 4. But I wandered around, took some pictures, and set my foot nearly in a barely frozen pool of water.14993312_10101958955149987_4223549239770641837_n15025099_10101958955135017_4053060397380396086_o15025160_10101958955144997_2374381650784761897_o15055817_10101958955289707_4198083220614992005_n15078882_10101958955494297_950811172634408072_n15123342_10101958955299687_5220259656302543128_o  15110424_10101958955484317_7834467107280088454_o15128926_10101958955499287_7720063313878784858_o15135810_10101958955140007_5592691332467250432_n

Tomorrow I will — I will — get up earlyish and go over to the old city, and maybe actually eat a real meal. Then four nights in Helsinki and then a ferry to Estonia.

I’m finding that four nights is really my baseline when traveling long-term. Three is doable, but it gets old quick, feeling like you’ve barely got your bearings before you’re worrying about your next journey. But it is hard trying to train yourself to not just try to see as many places as possible and just fucking enjoy yourself.

And now there are a bunch of Aussies debating about Trump so I think that’s my cue to attempt to sleep.

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