don’t mind the crowds, search for the spaces

I have made it to Norway!

And only by the grace of luck/gut instinct did I not waaaay oversleep, after waking up with a jolt about five minutes after my last alarm went off and was ignored.

Also, turns out there’s more than one airport that services Oslo. Turns out it wasn’t the one where I thought I’d be landing. So that was a fun introduction to a new country.

(It turned out fine; a little bit pricier and a little bit longer to get to Oslo, but not much. Just a bit of a headfuck to get off a plane and be like, oh. I am not where I thought I would be.)

And in the spirit of adventure I just took one for the team and let my hostel dormmate use me to fuck with some dude by calling him and pretending to be her. I’m still not sure of the backstory — her English is clear but stilted, and my Arabic is, well, nothing — and  I hate hate hate the phone, but I kinda couldn’t say no. And it was a little bit hilarious. Actually pretty fucking hilarious. But still hella stressful for someone with crippling phone phobia being like uhhh… hi!

And I think I forgot my European adapter in Poland. But I went roaming and found one for like $10 so.

Tomorrow: pictures and interesting stuff! But hey, I’m in Norway.

I have something percolating in my head about the multi-level weirdness of Doing Things when you’re simultaneously struggling with debilitating depression — which, whoops, did not take my meds today — but that will probably not come to pass tonight.

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