new places new faces

Oh, right, I made it to Poland!

Thursday I slept until like 5pm in London, then worked all night and didn’t sleep, then caught my flight to Krakow, dozing slightly. But I got here safely, took the best fucking shower I have ever taken, despite running out of hot water at the end at the lights turning off after like five minutes, which doesn’t mesh well with my weirdly-specific phobia of dark bathrooms. And then met up with a much-loved Australian friend, because obviously the first time we actually hang out would be in Poland, and I got some yummy pierogi, went back and worked some more til like 3am, and finally passed the fuck out.

Today I slept ’til about noon, which honestly could have gone WAY worse considering my (lack of) sleep since Thursday. And it was snowing!

So my friend and I seized what little afternoon daylight was left and wandered aimlessly around the Old Town, freezing our hands off taking photos and possibly playing a little Pokemon, because fuck you.

But this city is fucking gorgeous.

14947456_10101953307228467_6144181614674889512_n 14956436_10101953306844237_4639484999615072964_n  14956512_10101953307208507_7822077122661196797_n14962567_10101953307073777_654947961879740560_n  15036594_10101953307348227_6121815933549278156_n14980589_10101953306929067_3412617922210596006_n  15027406_10101953306934057_6365864673964247611_n

15025456_10101953307328267_7161028101070794857_o15003281_10101953306839247_2446606689713374095_o  14991423_10101953306944037_903415942854452402_o15000743_10101953307333257_6775650261510089845_o15032863_10101953307063797_3610632855910865126_n15039703_10101953307223477_2496687781135148747_o15055800_10101953306924077_8101850510544365386_n15078523_10101953306829267_4276401963432171663_n15085734_10101953307343237_5519728013308298658_n

Now, I need to actually charge my real camera instead of relying on iPhone pix.

Later, we met up again at a cafe/bar/laundromat, which who the fuck’s brilliant idea was that?! I now have clean underwear again, and I think my clothes mostly don’t smell anymore. So we just kind of hung out in the slightly sketchy but mostly cozy basement… thing… for a few hours, just mostly doing nothing but goofing around on our laptops and pretending to write, but it was really, really nice. And it’s actually, like, in my budget.

And also, still snowing. 😀


More wandering and friend-time this weekend, then I go to Oslo on Tuesday for three nights, and then Helsinki for four nights, and then ferry to Tallinn, where I am staying six or seven nights to just kind of decompress a bit. That’s all I have booked just yet, but after that I think I shall take the like 15 euro bus to Latvia and Lithuana for like a week and a half or so between the two, and then Prague, from whence I can start using my five-city bus pass.

The lovely thing about traveling in this season is that now nearly if not actually every city I’m looking at has hostels between $15-20 a night, if not less — even, like, Bruges and Vienna and Copenhagen all the way up to Edinburgh and Inverness and the Isle of Skye. I haven’t looked into transportation cost, which won’t be nothin’, but at least beds are cheap.

So like… where should I spent Christmas?

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