I have done nothing in London but work, drink, sleep, and be crushed about the election. I realize that extending my travels is reliant on working, which means I’m inevitably going to have to take some days sitting in hostel basements typing instead of doing stuff, but like, I’m like a block from Kensington and Buckingham and I have done fuck all but sleep all day and walk to the grocery store. Although I did spend several hours last night drinking Jagermeister with three random Hungarian dudes who spoke essentially no English, which was entertaining. And honestly, not sharing a common language was kind of relaxing.

I’m sure I’ll end up back in London before I go back to real life, such as it is, at which time hopefully I’ll be less of a useless asshole.

Tomorrow I head to Krakow! And it’s supposed to snow! I haven’t seen real snow since the last colder-than-Mars 2013/14 winter in Milwaukee, aside from a very brief flurry in Chicago last year, and I do so miss it.

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