give me a london girl every timel

Goodbye Iceland!

Yesterday I managed to do the bare minimum sightseeing after waking up late, going to the dick museum and then the cathedral and finally an icelandic hot dog, keeping a theme there somehow.

Woke up almost on time today and missed my bus to the airport, but being even slightly self-aware I’d allocated myself like way extra time, so still got there with 45 mins or so to kill. Flight was quick and easy; journey from Gatwick to my hostel was irritating because I could not seem to get WiFi anywhere, and usually even if I don’t have WiFi I can get a vague bead on Google Maps, but nope. After asking about five people on the street I managed to drag my tired, baggage-laden ass to the hostel, where the WiFi also sucks. But it’s fucking beautiful, and the staff is super nice, and apparently my bunk — THIRD STORY bunk! — is among the pockets of WiFi that exist.

So now I am desperately trying to finish work, while torn between desperately wanting to know how this election turns out and just shoving my head further in the sand.

Hopefully by tomorrow, my work will be done, the world will not have gone totally to shit, and I can go wander around the area at least. Pictures to come.

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