remember when i used to keep track of days

So this morning my new friend and I went to the Laugardalslaug thermal pools, which was pretty fucking awesome. Obviously not in the same league as going to an actual hot springs outside of the city, but a 2 km walk and ~$10 USD admission including towel was just a tiny bit more on my level.

The weather was beautiful for it, quite cold — around 3C/37F — but not so cold you’re instantly miserable.  Went in a few different temperature tubs; the 42C was a bit hot for me to stay in long (so I did not try the 44C), but 40C was blissful, especially with the jets blasting away on my fucked up back and spine.

There were a few water slides, two little ones for kids and one that looked like your generic tube slide, but was actually surprisingly fun, and unexpectedly trippy, going pitch black randomly in the middle and then ravey little neon lights all around. And bigger than it looked, as my leg muscles informed me after climbing however many stairs for the third or fourth time.

Then it stared to drizzle, and holy shit, a cold grey drizzle while lounging in a 40C hot tub is possibly the best feeling fucking ever.

Less so when I couldn’t find my friend, and was scurrying around the hovering-at-freezing air in a bathing suit and wet towel, squinting uselessly through my alternately steam-fogged or rain-smeared glasses. But super glad we went, as it’s one of those things that I could totally see myself resolving to do while I’m here, and then just kinda… not.

Definitely need to hit up the Iceland Dick Museum — er, Phallological Museum, since it’s literally across the street, and, like, obviously. Dude in the hostel recommended going to the lighthouse at the west end of the city for the Norther Lights, but the forecast is pretty grim for them the next few days, and also said dude has been hitting on every woman who has passed through, including a married lesbian, which was equally entertaining and cringe-y to watch, and going on equally far-fetched speeches about his life, money, connections, etc, so like… yeah. Hostels are hilarious.

London Tuesday! What’s free/cheap and fun to do in London? I had forgotten the British Museum is free, and several other museums, and I’m staying in Holland Park so near Buckingham/Kensington to meander, and have a few other wander-through recommendations. Only there three days/nights  on this leg of my adventurings, but definitely want to see some shit.

Aaaand now to get more work done, so I can, like, keep doing this shit.

No cameras allowed inside the Laugardalslaug, but here, have a rock statue of a moose head with angel wings for antlers.


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