I am a leaf on the wind…

14690951_10101921992947537_447751721065491336_n   14724447_10101921992967497_4554635536620090880_n14681849_10101921992957517_3031801704505313413_n

…watch how I soar.

. . . .

Honestly, despite leaving fucking tomorrow, I don’t have much to say; I’m a little numb with anticipation/nerves/etc.

So obviously I gave into the tattoo itch last night, because poor impulse control. And clearly I have spare money, what with the whole leaping alone into the void thing and all. But I love it, so fuck it.

Though I did decide that instead of going straight to St. Petersburg from Helsinki I think I’m going to take the ferry to Tallinn, Estonia and stay there a few days and then the train from there to St. Petersburg, because it’s about the same amount of money in travel and Estonia is equally inexpensive, and also fucking gorgeous. So there’s that.

Uh, at some point, I should probably do more packing than like… an armful of underwear, a pair of boots, and a few miscellaneous shirts.  Possibly things like medicine, and a few pairs of contact lenses in case the unthinkable happens to my glasses, and camera, and soap and stuff, and and and —


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2 Responses to I am a leaf on the wind…

  1. Lea Gee says:

    CAT! I’m just catching up on your blog because suddenly I found some time that was hiding somewhere, and I just wanted to say that this damn scene gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME. I know it’s coming, I know the words to it, I KNOW. But I’m still there balling my eyes out and angry at Joss.


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