halcyon & on & on & on…

One week countdown commences! I am still woefully unprepared, of course.

Actually, I’m not in awful shape. I think I have everything vital either done or scheduled; I still would like a haircut and one more back therapy session, but I’ll live.

I think perhaps I am going to sadly dismiss my dreams of traveling Norway much, because it is so fucking expensive, especially to see the fjords. So, current tentative plans from Oslo are maybe:

  • Fly from Oslo to Helsinki, ~$63
    • Helsinki maybe 11/18=11/22, ~$20-25 per night
  • Train from Helsinki to Saint Petersbrug, ~$99 (flight would be about $15 cheaper, but worth it, imo)
    • Saint Petersburg maybe 11/22-11/28, $6-7 per night
  • Fly from Saint Petersburg to Prague, ~$83 — I’d love to see Riga, but will probably opt for simplicity
    • Prague maybe 11/28-12/5, ~$10/night

And from Prague I can begin making use of my 99 Euro, five-city bus pass that I bought today.

Hopefully work will remain steady, so while I’m living on the cheap in Eastern Europe I’ll actually be making more money than I spend, which will give me a breather.

From Prague, fuck knows. Definitely Bruges at some point, definitely back to Paris. Vienna, Copenhagen, then to the UK?

Unrelatedly, I decided to de-pinkify my fuchsia hair, because traveling as a lonely woman through foreign countries, I’d just as soon blend in a bit. So I bleached it out, and thought about leaving it just bleached blonde with some pale pink streaks, but decided to go for a subtle lavender. Which was a good idea until I realized I still had half a bottle of deep purple dye on the windowsill, and, well.

14732238_10101914366406187_5030149334413791782_n     14702447_10101914366396207_7802418153484307618_n

Baby steps.


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One Response to halcyon & on & on & on…

  1. Hi there! Wow, your travel plans seem as exhausting as the seem to be exciting:) Stay safe!


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