Matthew took an extremely unlikely eleventh-hour shift about twenty miles out to sea, and that changed the entire context of this hurricane from “utterly catastrophic” to “eh, property damage.”

Here in Florida, at least. Obviously it has been devastating in the Caribbean, and honestly, though I am incredibly relieved, it’s pretty unfair that we got spared, when we had so many relief resources poised and ready to swoop in, and Haiti of all places got reamed. Again. :/

But, I am home! The beachside is a mess, and there’s visible changes to the coastline, but very little apparent severe structural damage and actually no flooding. We had to lumberjack our way through the fallen foliage to get through the patio to the front door (leaving me with about 27 mosquito bites on my legs), but I will embrace those bites for the unexpected surprise of oh my god we have electricity. And internet!


Etienne, my little hurricane kitty, was a fucking trooper. He complained in the car, and hid for maybe half an hour when we got to the hotel, and then he decided that if he was with his family, things were probably okay, and just chilled. Kind of rotated between us, purring reassurance, or just positioned himself right in the middle and dozed.


By now he’s such a veteran he barely even meowed on the drive home, which is… unprecedented.

The yard is a complete wreck, but no major trees fell, so on a scale from one to things I do not yet give a fuck about, it’s not a one.


AND, my baby avocado tree (named Kermit, obviously) survived! I was a little bit irrationally worried about him.


We’ll reunite him with his friend Dawn, the dawn rose, tomorrow.


Aaaaaaand now that I can stop being terrified for my house and this city, I can return to thinking about getting away from it.

Hope anyone else in Matthew’s path has been as fortunate ❤

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