let her go, don’t question her

*pokes head out of the abyss*

Oh, hi.

So after nine-odd miserable stagnant months in Florida, I have managed to save money and secure questionably reliable freelance income, so of course being the responsible adult I am I bought a plane ticket from Boston to Iceland, so hopefully this blog will be remain active again for some time.

In a not entirely selfless move I convinced my mom to take a trip to Montreal with me in late October, because she’s always wanted to see Montreal and jesus christ let’s DO it instead of pining indefinitely, and then to Boston for a couple days because she loves Boston and loves and misses one of my dearest friends there also. I would be lying if I pretended that this did not make my pre-transatlantic journey financially easier, but I’m also pretty psyched, because my mom has wanted to go for-fucking-ever and she deserves nice things.

Then Reykjavik in early November for a few days, then London for a few days, then I am meeting a beloved Australian friend in fucking Poland of all places, halfway between our continents, about which I am so stoked!

After that I think I’m going to go to Scandinavia, scrimping as much as possible to stretch every dollar, because I’d love to see Norway for my vaguely Norwegian ancestry (not gonna lie I can’t be mad that our last name was changed at Ellis Island so it doesn’t sound like bottom), and I have friends in Sweden, and I want to go to Helsinki purely because of the Tricky song Christiansands. (I met a, a Christian in Christiansands, and the devil in Helsinki…)

Beyond that remains nebulous, pending money and whimsy and god knows what. Prague and St. Petersburg are hella fucking cheap, to get to and to stay there; Amsterdam and Bruges not quite as cheap but not bad.

(This is, of course, based on my extremely lackadaisical research thus far; any advice well and truly welcome.)

I do want to spend a couple of days in Paris, even though I’ve been there a few times, because, duh, Paris. Also Manchester, maybe Liverpool, Edinburgh, Isle of Skye (dudes, there are cheap-ass hostels on Skye, which is awesome, but surprising). And maybe Ireland at the last, assuming I do not magically become rich and just wander indefinitely, because Dublin seems to be a consistently inexpensive airport connecting to the US?

Basically I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I have got to do something, because if I’m going to waste my life away I might as well do some things I want to do in the interim.

Also, a year later, my hair is hella fucking pink again.


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