Minus Cats

I am finally, officially leaving the Fucking West Coast.  Left Irvine this afternoon, stopover in Fullerton, CA, and am now on the Southwest Chief to Chicago.


Am very sad at lack of cats.  😦

Incidentally, traveling in general is such a vivid illustration of why you should just fucking be nice to people.

There was some snafu with my rail pass — still not sure what, but there were like multiple reservation numbers, so it wouldn’t process my ticket purchase, I dunno. And the Amtrak dude could totally have just been like sorry, nothing I can do, please call the main office, too bad your train is leaving in twenty minutes.  But I was nice to him, so he was nice to me, worked it out with his boss, got me on my way.  I mean, people tend to be a lot more laid back on trains, I find, both the passengers and the employees, but I see this shit in airports all the time, passengers heaping abuse on the agents who have no control over whatever went wrong, but DO have control over how much they’re gonna work with you to fix it.  I get that traveling can be stressful and frustrating, but for fuck’s sake, control yourself, and you’re gonna have a much better time of it.


So I’ll be on this train for about fifty hours, which should be fun; getting out of Pacific time just about 1am.  Then on through Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and into Chicago by Thursday afternoon.  There I will hang out with my awesome friend Bill — and his awesome dog Chester — for a little bit, then push on to New York on Saturday.

I have all the Marvel movies on my laptop + Agent Carter + Jessica Jones on my laptop, plus Firefly, plus Teen Wolf; I also have several stories I’m in the middle of writing and really should just fucking finish.  Also I have a really large bottle of shitty vodka, which should help as well.  Let’s see how weird shit gets.

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