Seattle/Vancouver: Revolution 34

Today is (okay, was, you pedants) my thirty-fourth birthday.

Me being me, I spent it heading off across the border to Canada with someone I’d never met before — and in fact barely exchanged sentences with — for an utterly ridiculous reason.

I cannot yet, alas, expand on this yet, nor post most of the incredibly absurd pictures/videos, until probably Sunday.

Fortunately, my new comrade-in-roadtrips turned out to be fuckin’ awesome, and definitely a kindred spirit, though I think we may have nearly crashed multiple times because we were laughing too hard about lobsters.


Border guard: “So, where are you guys going?”
Us: “Vancouver.”
Guard: “Where you guys from?”
Us: “Seattle.”
Guard: “Why are you going to Vancouver?”
Us: *exchange look* “Uh, well, there’s this… thing happening in the park. From the internet.”
Guard: *blank look* “So… how long have you guys known each other?”
Us: *another look* don’t say three hours — “…about a week?”
Guard: “O-kaaaay… and how do you know each other?”
Her: “From a mutual friend.”
Me: “On the internet.”
Guard: “…oh. Well… Welcome to Canada?”

There is unsurprisingly a reflection post (wow, that sounds grossly pretentious) about this fucking absurdly insane year, but this absurdly insane week has exhausted me, and I’m gonna queue up Firefly or some comfort shit on Netflix and enjoy my full Saturday with neither obligations nor interactions.

Hey, and cheers to being ID’d for a beer on my 34th fucking birthday.

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