Totally Given Up on Days: San Francisco


Today I rented a bike, rode along the Bay, and biked over the Golden Gate Bridge!

Not the worst Monday I’ve ever had.

11742819_10101393487361967_2351531725395402195_n 11745816_10101393487426837_7157259977144067915_n

It was fucking fantastic.  Something about biking over bridges is just such sheer, simple fun.

I admit, I think the Brooklyn Bridge remains my favorite, since it has pretty solid demarcations of bike vs pedestrian lanes, and people seem to actually follow them; enjoyment of the Golden Gate was slightly mitigated by the fear that I was about to run into someone at any given time and kill one or both of us.

But shit, y’all, that was some scenery.

10986425_10101393250366907_1716939386716941505_n IMG_2090 IMG_2099

and also some sunburn.


I mean, at least now my pinkish face matches my pinkish hair?

Today was also the first time I’ve been on a bike since mine got STOLEN FUCK YOU Seattle, and fuck, that feels good.  I was gonna write a bike-related (as opposed to travel-related) post about it, but see again: tired.

Yesterday I was half-jokingly contemplating the laughable idea of randomly going to Reno, just because — well, just because.

Today I bought a bus ticket and a ridiculously cheap hotel room on the strip (does Reno even have a strip?) so I guess I’m going to Reno.

I’m probably heading back to Seattle to figure out how to feign adulthood again this weekend, so why the fuck not.  Gambling is like the one vice I absolutely don’t have, so it’s a fucking sweet cost-efficient way to sleep alone in a room with a door that locks for a little while.

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