Day Flglkslhdsg: San Francisco

New city, y’all!

Early Wednesday morning I finally left my little kitty-filled sanctuary down in Irvine.  Goodbye friends. 😦

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I probably should have named this blog Cat the Pain Away, for accuracy.

The trip up to to Oakland was annoyingly disjointed — train to LA, thruway bus to Bakersfield — which if I believed in hell I would definitely assert it to be in Bakersfield — and then train to Oakland.  But uneventful.  No Lord of the Flies breakdowns.

Which is somewhat surprising, given the absolute bleakness of that part of California.  Of course I realize that the current crippling drought isn’t exactly enhancing the natural lushness of, you know, the desert, but this is some Steinbeck-style shit.

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I regret missing the photo opportunity for the thrift shop-cum-house of worship we passed somewhere in, I dunno, someplace terrible, but I do not regret missing this opportunity for fine dining:


To be fair, Southern California, in any of its incarnations, is never gonna be my kind of place anyway.  Like, I ran screaming away from the blue skies and palm trees at first opportunity.

Northern Cali, though, is pretty sweet.  I met up with my friend M in Oakland Wednesday evening without incident, got some dinner and beer, then got a fuckload of sleep.

(It’s funny, I haven’t noticed the time difference between here and “home” very much, except when I wake up, I am consistently convinced it’s almost exactly three hours later than it actually is.  It’s almost put me on semi-normal wake-up times, but I’m fully confident it won’t take me overlong to fuck that right up.)

Yesterday I had every intention of wandering the neighborhood, and almost even left the house, but then M’s roommate is like oh have you seen our incredibly sweet, sunny deck with gorgeous views of the water and the city in the distance?


So there went my afternoon.

And then the evening was spent sitting on the floor eating Thai food and watching the first Avengers movie (because I suck and haven’t seen any of the MCU movies), which I consider an evening well spent.

This morning I caught the train into town and wandered down to the port. I sampled olive oils from a shop in the Ferry Building, wishing I had worn my skinny jeans instead of frayed shorts and dirty sneakers to better assimilate with the local wildlife.


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Shortly I will meet up with an old, old friend for lunch — like, high school type old — that I haven’t seen since, well, high school.  Bless the fuckin’ internet, man. I was in high school kinda juuuust before the internet became ubiquitous — I think there’s a pretty narrow window of kids who shared the awestruck glee of going from 56k dialup to ethernet the minute we got to college — and I remember one teacher junior year telling us how unlikely it was that we’d actually stay in touch with any friends from high school.  Suck it, man.

This afternoon I shall go to the Golden Gate Park/Bridge; I kinda want to rent a bike and bike across the bridge — biking across the Queensboro, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg & Henry Hudson bridges in New York was hands-down some of the most fun shit I did in NYC, or at all.  However in my prolonged indolence my back has become a total fucking pussy and is protesting just lugging around this emptied-out backpack (because god forfucking bid I go anywhere without this laptop), so maybe not.  Ferry would also be cool, but… paying $5 on the metro versus $22 on the ferry also would be cool.


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