Day Like 26: Minnesota, on fire

I made it from New York to Chicago: westward journey is officially really in action.

I am happier than I have been in a long time, in this transience, even with the choking horror of being around people all the fucking time.  Lightning is crisscrossing the sky and something was just on fire on the side of the tracks.

It’s all beautiful.

I lament sometimes how it’s so hard to meet people as an adult, and that’s true, but for me at least it’s probably because most of my adult life I’ve spent miserably unhappy doing shit I don’t want to do.

When I feel at home — because I’m not at home, because I’m alone in the middle of fucking nowhere, and everybody else around me is also in the middle of nowhere, and some of those people are alone in the middle of nowhere for reasons I relate to, and them some of those people are people I can have a conversation with, and then of that subsection some people —

You get my drift.

I’m going to be in North Dakota soon and I am so tired but still twitchily avoiding seeing if I can sleep.

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