Day fllsjhdgh 20?: Montreal // End of Hostel Life (for now)

So tonight is my last night in a hostel, for awhile at least.  Tomorrow I’m meeting up with my friend from Twitter/fandom nerdery, and she’s offered me crash space in, like, an actual apartment, which is amazing.  It’s both incredibly awesome and also unsettling how small the internet makes the world.  Mostly awesome, though. Bouncing around hostels for so long (okay, 2 1/2 weeks is really not that long, but damn it feels like it at first) is so simultaneously overwhelming stressful and amazingly relaxing.  Like being around people all the fucking time sets my teeth on edge — especially since usually I’m the weirdo ten years older than the average, hunched over her laptop while everybody else goes out and Makes Friends and Does Things. (I do things, goddammit.  Today I biked ~13 miles/21 km to Ile Saint-Helene (I think), took photographs, got dinner with random hostel friend, semi-willingly watched an episode of Archer sandwiched on couch between two stoned 20 year old dudes.) (Also I may or may not have overheard a few of my friends of this brief transient life “whispering” in the way that really high people sometimes do that is entirely not a whisper discussing my age, in terms of “is she really 33??”, which — flattering, yeah, but in a really fucking uncomfortable sort of way.) But on the other hand, I’m never going to talk to these people again.  There is such blissful freedom in anonymity. Tomorrow I must get stamps, because it feels fuckin’ lame to send postcards from Canada from US stamps.  The small handful of people getting little souvenirs, though, fuck y’all, I’m being cheap and mailing from New York.  Thursday I spend on a train to New York, crawling into Josh’s apartment in Queens again.  Friday I’m on a train, then on a train, then on a train some more, until I land in Chicago on the 4th, to roll eyes at the fireworks with Bill and Chester-puppy, then on to Seattle on the 5th-7th. I finally started sorting through pictures but there’s SO MANY so here have some random pictures of a dude juggling on a unicycle in Place Jacques-Cartier. IMG_2035 IMG_2038 IMG_2039 IMG_2040

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One Response to Day fllsjhdgh 20?: Montreal // End of Hostel Life (for now)

  1. Lea M. Gee says:

    Archer’s not so bad, although I feel that it might benefit from pre-watching Lucy, Daughter of the Devil and Bob’s Burgers, which sort of create a pre-love for H. Jon Benjamin.


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