Day 14: Quebec CIty // keeping track of days was not my best ideas

Dudes, this city really is gorgeous.

I biked down to Boulevard Saint Jean to find the fucking Inter-Marché that was supposedly there (and by supposedly, I mean it totally was, but for some reason I rode past it like six times).  And like, it’s a testament to my shitty eating habits that holy shit I just wanted some fruits and veggies.  Like, I like fruit well enough, and some veggies, but I’m not one of those dickheads virtuous people who swoons over a goddamned orange for dessert.  Fruit is not dessert unless there is chocolate and/or whipped cream, okay?

But I’ve been eating mostly meat, and I don’t eat a lot of meat, and so hey my hands haven’t been shaking very much lately but also just get a little queasy looking at sandwiches.  Also: money.  So I got some fruit, some hummus, a can of soup, and ate better for cheaper than I have for awhile.

Heading back to Montreal tomorrow evening at 5:45 — and I’m staying there until next Thursday, so I’m going to try to actually make a couple of meals — like I could make probably three servings of spaghetti for what it costs to get a sandwich I can’t nearly finish.  Maybe rice or something.

My train tickets are finally all booked from here to Montreal to New York to Chicago to Seattle.  I have to say, Amtrak customer service has been amazing, especially in comparison to the nightmarish travel experiences we’ve all had.  So many trains were sold out or bordering on sold out around the Fourth of July holiday, and I was panicking, thinking I was going to basically have to pay the equivalent of a new ticket on top of my rail pass to get a reservation.

But I called Amtrak at like 1:30am, the lady checked around my travel dates, talked to her supervisor about options, found a couple alternate routes, and got me booked for my first-choice travel dates with zero extra money and only one extra leg of travel.  So that’s awesome.

Uh, anyway, after I did some uber-basic grocery shopping, I went to head back to the hostel, but of course there’s always something that looks really interesting just past the next intersection, and then accidentally found the Quebec Parliament building, I think. Which was pretty cool.

IMG_1971 IMG_1973 IMG_1978IMG_1975 IMG_1976

I have many much more photos and I apologize for this sloppy formatting.  I just spent like ten minutes listening to this dude ramble at these two Quebecois girls nonstop, despite their obvious attempts to ignore him, and when he finally left we made eye contact and all started laughing.  Ah, intercultural girl bonding over idiot dudebros.

Also my hair is pink again.  I apologize to this poor shower that has endured too much.  But hey, pink hair!


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