Day 2 Part 2: Boston // Way Too Tired to Think of Subtitle

Very short post, ’cause like… I feel asleep somewhere in southern NC around 2-3am, and miraculously (note: I just typo’d that first miracularly and then miraculoudly so… yeah) managed to stay fairly consistently asleep til 10 or 11, somewhere around Trenton.

Got off the train noonish, and here’s where I love the internet: my friend Josh messaged me to check in, and I said I was just off the train, and he’s like oh, are you in Penn Station?  I work about three blocks from there and it’s lunchtime, want to get lunch?  And so we met up at Black Iron Burgers for (duh) burgers (delicious), then Josh went back to work and I nursed a beer while buying a bus ticket and then wandered to the stop.


No good pictures of NYC this time but I will be back for more than an hour or so shortly.

Bus trip was blessedly quiet, and thank fuck a nascent stirring of rare motion sickness faded once we got out of the stop-start-bounce-ugh of city streets, and now I am in my beloved Boston again for a day or so.


Finally got off bus and onto Red Line to Davis and made my way to one of my best friend’s houses, where naturally he immediately started making daiquiris and within ten minutes or so I was enthusiastically introducing him to dinosaur gay porn novels (to be fair, he was responsible for introducing me to pterodactyl porn like ten years ago, which I will not link because no matter how much I emphasize that this is actual porn involving pterodactyls people tend not to believe me (I know, right?) and then are horrified.

And NATURALLY his girlfriend — who I hadn’t met before — arrives halfway through my dinosaur porn oratory, so probably among the first fifty words I said to her involved the phrase “Space Raptor Butt Invasion”, because I am the queen of good first impressions.

(Fortunately, she’s awesome, and we spent a good half hour playing an indie game called “Mount Your Friends” and watching animated dicks spin around in leopard print speedos.)

And drinking.

11118823_10101347484666737_7624994425487419115_n 11406515_10101347484711647_9136986457826293961_n

Possibly lighting things (things = drinks) on fire.

1520708_10101347484846377_5738671143519049736_n 1794530_10101347484881307_2801379945190545043_n

And generally hanging out, catching up, reminiscing at undoubtedly painfully tedious length about old WoW days, and playing awful/awesome games.

So in the last day and a half I have traveled about 1,300 miles via car, train, foot, bus, subway, and bike, and I am ready to go. The fuck. To sleep.

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