Day 1 Part 2: Possibly Somewhere in the Middle of Georgia

Well, guess it’s time to reboot this fucker.

Hello again, all of you who have stuck around through this long blog hiatus! I am officially a vagabond again. This past weekend I finally just kinda hit fuck-it mode; Sunday I bought a 30-day rail pass, Monday I reserved a ticket, and now as of Wednesday evening I am somewhere in the wilds of Georgia, trying to coax a signal from my hotspot. I will land in NYC midday tomorrow and go straight to Boston for a day or two, and possibly linger in New York on my return.

I began to get paralyzed by the intersection of “holy shit there are so many people I want to see before I leave” and the crippling depression/social anxiety helpfully serving up reason after reason to see nobody, and as usual, it won. Which sucks, as now I feel like (and am) a shit friend on top of everything else. But I was putting off my departure day after day for no reason, and spending less and less time not in bed, and I just had to fucking go.

Trains are fuckin’ weird microcosms of humanity, you guys. As far as I can tell this car is about 75% full of people heading to New York, with another smaller contingent destined for DC, and man, I am so curious about all the different reasons that all of these people hopped on a train from Florida to New York on a random Wednesday evening.

And I have, of course, already managed to make a spectacle of myself with my folding bike, between people being (understandably) unfamiliar with folding bikes and then me hauling it awkwardly down the aisle and immediately dropping it on my foot. Two people took a photo of me/the bike and the conductors immediately began referring to me as “our bike girl”. The train staff was hella helpful getting it on board and stowed, though, so that’s awesome.

(AND I got to gaze upon a magnificent German Shepherd in the train station, but he was a service dog and working, so I had to rein in my immediate urge to hug him.)

So, yeah. I’ve got another fifteen-odd hours on this train, at least. This blog may get a little bit loopier when I’m bored and awake on a train in like Maryland or some shit at 4am than when I’m trying to update before crashing after a fifty mile bike ride, so we’ll see.

Hey, at least there’s a bar on this train!

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One Response to Day 1 Part 2: Possibly Somewhere in the Middle of Georgia

  1. Lea M. Gee says:

    You are not a bad friend! You have to do what’s right for you, yeah? Plus Florida will always be here. That and I selfishly like reading this blog!


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