Tick, tock…

Spending a whole bunch of time on the Amtrak website, plotting routes.  The last of the Actual Stuff I need — mobile wifi hotspot, camera, couple random little things — should come this week, and I think my foot is about as healed as it’s gonna be — ie not at all, really, but it’s mostly settled into a dull, tolerable ache, which is basically my default physical state anyway, so fuck it.  I dunno if I’ll be managing 50+ mile days at the moment, but I think it’s healed enough to bike around.

Still not sure if I’m gonna pop by DC again; I’m heart-tied to the city, always will be, but so distantly.  So I’m either going to take the Silver Service / Palmetto up to DC, then the Acela Express to Boston for a few days, before hopping on the Megabus/Boltbus/whatever to NYC for a couple of days and heading off from there — or bypass DC, take the Silver Service all the way to New York, and just bus it back and forth to see my beloved Boston.

From there, a nice quick thirty-hour jaunt on the Crescent would drop me in New Orleans — which (pending his schedule) would put me in visiting range of my brother somewhere in shitfuck, Mississippi, who I’ve seen for approximately three days in the last few years, which’d be neat, especially since I’ve never seen his new town.

And THEN, the City of New Orleans route lands in Chicago, where I have a few friends, and also leaves open the option of bouncing up on the $10 buses to Milwaukee to see friends, and is of course a major hub.

It would make sense to head to LA from Chicago, start at Southern California, meander up between San Diego, LA, San Francisco, to see the flurgitty-million people I want to see around there, then end up in Seattle, theoretically leaving a fair few legs to spare for wanderings.

However, if I based my decisions on what made sense, I’d probably not be in this place in my life to begin with, so fuck that.  The Great Plains is (are?) the only part of the continental US I’ve really never seen at all.  So taking the Empire Builder from Chicago (or Milwaukee) through Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, the teeny-tip of Idaho and into Seattle, hang out there for a few days, and then just fuck off up and down the Pacific coast ’til my rail pass runs out before heading back to Washington (or, alternatively, do a shorter/cheaper all-encompassing rail pass, and then buy an unlimited three-week California travel pass).

I realize this is a pretty uninteresting post, but it’s a lot easier for me to solidify my thoughts/plans on paper (or monitor).  Thanks all y’all still reading through this ugly hiatus.  I promise this space will become marginally more interesting in the nearish future.

At least, I fuckin’ hope so.

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One Response to Tick, tock…

  1. ustabe says:

    I leave on my trip two weeks from yesterday. I’ll be driving through Louisiana on the 29th of June … headed to Toledo Bend State Park on the Texas border. If you’re still in New Orleans at that time, I’ll wave out the window as I pass. ;o)

    Enjoy the train ride.


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