One step closer the dragging myself out of the cesspool of lethargy and face-melting heat and crippling depression that is living in Florida with a barely functional body and a totally broken brain!

Today my new bike arrived, which was the only major acquisition I was inexplicably putting off purchasing forever.  I haven’t taken it out yet — tomorrow I will dig up my tools and give it a once over — but it seems pretty solid.  I feel like I’m cheating on my beloved Serenity, but so far she seems to be getting along with her new (and still nameless) baby sister:


I still need to get a USB modem, but that shouldn’t be a huge deal.  And yes, I know I could tether my phone, but I’m leaning towards a dongle for several reasons, not least because of the word dongle.  My phone is slow and battery-draining to begin with — and I’m kinda hesitant of having both my means of communication tied together like that.  And it’s pretty much the same price anyway.

So hopefully this space will stop being such a useless deadzone again sometime soon.  Though I probably should stop fucking saying that and actually fucking do some shit.  Like buy a train ticket.  And leave.

I know I am not earning much sympathy when I complain about having views like this at lunch today —



— but what’s the use of being miserable in Florida if I can’t spitefully rub it in to people elsewhere?

…Admittedly, it’s less effective when it’s late April and spring is being beautiful all over the country than when it’s January and everyone else is thigh-deep in ice.  But I can try.

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