Vagabonding: Redux!

Good news, bitches!  This blog may actually get back to having Actual Updates with some regularity pretty soon.

I sat down and considered my (post-tax returns) financial situation, thought about how much it would cost to move, how long I’d have to find a steady job, then decided to give adulthood the finger and tell it to fuck right off for a little longer.

So in lieu of doing anything responsible, I am planning on buying a 30-day Amtrak pass, covering twelve separate legs of train travel, and go back to my zen state of vagabondery for a month.  Or more.  Probably landing in Seattle, unless somewhere else seems fun on the way.

As always, I want to hit up the Northeast, Boston and NYC, to see friends (and, well, because Boston and NYC), though it might be prudent to bus that shit instead of wasting train legs.  And I want to stop in Chicago, and poke my head back into Milwaukee.  And I definitely want to train across the Badlands, through North Dakota and Montana, since that’s one of the only areas of the continental US I’ve never been through at all.

But other than that… shit, man, who knows?

And I’ll probably buy a folding bike, not out of any disloyalty to my beloved Serenity, but because most long-distance Amtrak routes don’t allow regular bikes on board.  I will not deny that I feel a bit like a cheating lover.

So!  Hopefully there’s still a few people reading this blog, after its extended hiatus of broken-footedness and general Florida paralysis.  If all goes well, it will return to being… mildly interesting, or whatever the fuck it was.

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2 Responses to Vagabonding: Redux!

  1. luminouszest says:

    haha hurray!


  2. ustabe says:

    Read most of your blog last night and this morning. Nice to see someone else ‘get” what I’ve been trying to say about my own desire to fight my mental illness by getting the hell out of Dodge in a couple of months.



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