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Man, I really intended to keep up with some at least sporadic non-update while my life/journeys/etc is on hiatus.  A’course, I really intended to actually be doing stuff during this time.

I really did not intend to blow my kneecap out first time I went to the gym last month, leaving me limping around awkwardly for a week.

And I really, really did not intend for said kneecap to give out one last time when it was almost better, while I was walking down steps, leaving me with a sprained or fractured foot (yet AGAIN) and no health insurance that’s valid this side of the Mississippi.

10407980_10101109662673917_1085278386204613005_n (1) IMG_1363

Yep.  800+ miles alone on a bike, 4,000+ miles total across 20 (?) states, and I am felled by a fucking kitchen floor.

Obviously, I would be infinitely more fucked if something like this had happened when I was in the middle of a cornfield in fucking Indiana or something.  But the irony is revolting.

I was already getting a little stir-crazy being in the same place for more than a week or two.  But at least I had my bike for sanctuary, and I felt like I was doing something constructive by cooking my parents two actual healthy meals most days (and working on my cooking skills, for that matter), so now I’m about to lose my fuckin’ mind.  Part of me was sort of hoping it was broken, so I could fly back to Wisconsin for a couple days (and revel in my beloved winter!) — as a plane ticket would be waaaay cheaper than getting a broken bone treated sans insurance.  But for better or for worse, my medically-inclined friends seem to agree that even if it is fractured, it would be kind of pointless to do anything but what I’m already doing.

Anyway, it’s finally getting better and I can mostly get around with just one crutch now, so I’ll stop whining.

And I’ll be down in the shimmering metropolis of Fort Pierce, FL this weekend to see family, and in New Orleans for Christmas, so hopefully I will have something less self-indulgent to write here soon.  And maybe even some idea of where the shit I’m going to go next.

In the meantime, here: have some pictures of my jungle-yard, my cat, the Atlantic Ocean and me.



I like to call these pictures my “I may hate being here but I will still rub it in your faces because I am a shithead” series.

1601531_10101099429291697_5838641079709178616_n 10420298_10101099429341597_4507054807879089025_n

And I think my cat is high.  But adorable.

10806313_10101094525239457_1332618480556877036_n 1459308_10101094525344247_5914964018748645655_n

Seriously, you guys, the front yard is out of hand.  Florida is weird.  Also: as per the one family holiday tradition we have, we spent Thanksgiving at the annual get-together of our oldest family friends.  Sitting outside, I said to K, who I grew up with: “Hey, remember that time we found the iguana in the woods back there?”  Her eyes light up and she disappears for a minute, then reappears with an entire fucking scrapbook of the two of us posing as intrepid jungle explorers with a — by then dead 😦 — iguana, in serious early-90s regalia and me with an impressively bad perm, complete with hand-written sticker captions.  Florida is really weird.


But the cat is still adorable.  As is my mom.

10177427_10101087373267067_3114864401164552084_n (1)

Check it, I look almost like a real person!

Happy December!  I hope your holidays are all snowy and delightful (if that’s what you’re into) or warm and peaceful (if you’re a fucking weirdo who hates Christmas). 🙂

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