Day 72 Maybe: NC-SC / South of the Border




Not much content here.  Jack picked me up around 10:00; we drove through Virginia and North Carolina, singing along to a lot of ’90s music.  We stopped at South of the Border to take a break and wander a bit, and, well.  I am not convinced we will make it out alive, but we decided to stay the night here.  On Facebook, I checked in here at “Pedro’s Pleasure Dome”.  And my mom Liked it.  You’re welcome, Mom.

So here’s embarrassing photographic evidence of two thirty-something people who (a) have grown unaccustomed to civilized life and (b) haven’t hung out in a million years.  Enjoy.

10710988_10152768539102192_6489530298417272273_n (1)

1794637_10152768538962192_6909068156010280096_n (1)

10593000_10101079825098657_6238062453048225604_n (1)














10386289_10101079824654547_4210969004141607703_n (1)


10371944_10152768539042192_3778557069814665146_n (1)     10382733_10101079824799257_1260426684497909643_n 10301281_10101079824764327_703738535004292117_n (1) 10310603_10101079824734387_7422600283136701379_n 532899_10101079824709437_1001869001796971928_n    10420433_10101079824524807_5107614096146225785_n   10458609_10101079824619617_6157504808163728342_n

1504079_10101079824499857_2916220556056718085_n  10698682_10101079824410037_5660380778033643498_n

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